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The Masia del Misteri is a play of suspense and original. Where you will be spectators and detectives!

It is held in the different spaces of Els Masos d’en Coll, changing the stage throughout the activity, dynamic and fun. You will have to observe, think and deduce clues to discover who the murderer is.

An activity that begins at 10 in the morning, includes lunch at 14 and will have the outcome at 16 in the afternoon.

You can come alone or in a group, stay alone or spend the day alone. Check the different types of accommodation, you can also visit our Farm with animals!

A full day of emotions, a perfect plan for the weekend!

Will you be able to discover who the murderer is?

Information and reservations at 630734247 or

Everything begins when:

“Dr. Casanova, a prestigious Girona doctor, goes to his Chianti apartment in the province of Tuscany, Italy, to spend a month of vacation with his family.

Leave a young, intelligent and friendly doctor in charge of your private consultation, convinced that it is the best substitute that I could have found.

After two weeks of absolute tranquility, Dr. Casanova receives a call from the police of Girona: he must return immediately to identify a corpse. “

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