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Ruins of Ancient Civilizations

Iberian (Ullastret)

If the day goes by, we recommend that you go from Els Masos d’en Coll to the Iberian ruins doing a small excursion, by bicycle, burricleta (if you want to pedal without effort) or on foot, it will take no longer than 45 minutes. You will discover the typical landscapes of the Baix Empordà, a beautiful mosaic with its fields of cultivation, cereals, sunflowers and straw bales.

An interesting visit to discover a civilization of more than 2,200 years, the largest Iber site in Catalonia and the most important in the Iberian Peninsula.

This civilization was the first of the northeast of the peninsula with its territorial structure, language and own writing. The one that gives us the name of Iberian. Apart from visiting the ruins with an audio guide that will explain many curiosities of the daily life of the town, you can also see the museum and make a virtual visit in 3D.

Greco-Roman ruins (Empúries)

If you like history, the open air and the sea, this is a 100% recommendation.

The visit to the ruins takes about 2 hours, where you can stroll through the old streets with more than 2,000 years. Incredibles mosaics and sculptures decorate this magical space.

Unesco World Heritage Site, was the entrance of the Greek and Roman cultures to the Iberian Peninsula and, which gave its name to the Empordà.

A spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea will leave you with no words.

Once the visit is over, next to the museum you can find small beaches of fine sand, a luxury, we recommend: El Moll Grec, Les Muscleres Beach or Portitxol Beach.

Very close and walking along the pleasant seaside promenade you can continue to visit the medieval town of Sant Martí d’Empúries. You can already see that the Empordà is full of interesting places.

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