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Agricultural Landscape and Livestock

The cultivated fields, the peasants working the land and the special light when the sun goes down in the afternoon, fill you with a calmness that inspires and calms the spirit. A mosaic landscape full of color.

The Baix Empordà is an extension, with its rice, wheat, turnip, fruit and rice crops more than bursting into the horizon, it is a quiet region where you can enjoy the calmness and become a nature viewer.

Characteristics of the Baix Empordà small villages with charm, which, as Lluis LLach, the son of Verges, 15 km from our house, says “from the top of a bell tower, you can always see the bell tower” (Petit Petit song), and the houses typical or farmhouse, legacy of its agricultural tradition that still lasts and it is recovered with own cultures and cattle ranch. Our house “Els Masos d’en Coll” is an example where we have more than six generations cultivating the land in a respectful way.

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