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Active Tourism


You can go hiking in Montgrí following the GR92 (Mediterranean Long-Distance Sender Route that crosses all of Catalonia from North to South, passes 400mts from Els Masos) and coincides with the famous Cami de Ronda, simply spectacular, a path .

Or a soft trek to visit the Castle of Montgrí and the good panoramic view of the Costa Brava, framed by the Medes Islands.


If you like to go on two wheels, you have more than 250 klm and a multitude of routes for all levels.

Plane land and a wide network of rural roads far from the main roads make this area a perfect place to enjoy pedaling.

You will discover the authentic Baix Empordà, from the fields of mail to the great heritage and its medieval villages.


It is the star activity, The Medas Islands are a small paradise, the different depths allow all kinds of dives so much for beginners as for experts. From the snorkel with a simple mask and tube to watch fish without stopping as for the most advanced divers who want to know such incredible things as the archaeological remains of the ancient port of Empuries or visit beautiful caves or sunken ships such as “Cotentin” or the “Marmoler”.


We are in a perfect spot to practice kayaking throughout the year, mild temperatures and different paddle locations, such as in the fresh waters of the Ter River, in Els Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, where the river and the sea meet, or for everything the coast of Baix Empordà, discovering cliffs, coves and beautiful coves. What more can you ask for?

Plan with us a monitor outlet and enjoy your explanations; Observe the biodiversity of Baix Ter and Els Aigüamolls.

Or you can go for your own account and set your own pace, you can go from L’Estartit to Les Illes Medes.

Also, BTT, Balloon Flight, etc. See

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